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Thursdays At Club 90!



This Is YOUR Band is exactly that!  We are YOUR band and YOU are the RockStar lead singer when you are on stage singing with us!


We play!  You sing!  It’s simple!


Here is what you need to know:


TIYB is a LIVE band.  We DO NOT play along with any tracks or hidden recordings, which allows us to make any adjustments for the singer.  You can’t do THAT with a recorded track!  


We have a SING List of 1000+ songs to choose from...this is extremely rare for an actual live band. Most bands have maybe 30 to 100 or so.  You must choose a song from OUR list only (check out the song list here:


We play on Thursdays from 8-11pm with an approx. 20 min. break around 9:30pmAt 11pm, we offer a fun event called “Cha-Ching to Sing”.  It is $30 per song to keep us After Hours.


Some of our guests arrive too late in the night and don’t get a chance to sing with us.  We recommend getting here between 7-7:30pm to get signed up early on the list. See our KJ to sign up to sing.  If it’s a busy night and you show up later than 9:30pm, there is a chance you may not get up to sing before the 11pm cut off.  However, you could enter the “Cha-Ching to Sing” event that happens at 11pm.


Once you are signed up to sing, be sure to keep track of your place in line and be at the side of the singer’s stage ready to go as the singer before you is performing.  The faster we can get people on and off stage, the more singers we can accommodate.


If a song is not on our list, it may be possible for you to pay us to learn the song for you for your future performance.  The song must be approved by our Band Leader to ensure it is doable.  The fee to have us learn a song is $120 and must be paid in advance.  


We rely on the tips that you generously give us as a good portion of our pay.  If you are having a good time enjoying the band, even if you are not singing, tips are greatly appreciated!


Club 90:

9065 South Monroe St

Sandy, UT

21+ with valid ID

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