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Check out our song list!

Could this singer be


Did you ever want to be a rockstar?  (Of course, you did!)

With over 1000 songs in our song list, This is YOUR Band takes singing to the next level.  
True live performance! 
No tracks, video screens or bad recordings.   
And unlike karaoke, guests get to experience the excitement and thrill of performing on stage with a real LIVE band!
This is YOUR Band! 
We play, You sing! What could be more fun?

This is YOUR band! Drummer, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass

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This is YOUR Band is a group of musical maestros who have been spreading joy through their tunes for over 20 years! Dave, our Band Director, holds down the low end with his bass wizardry, providing the foundation that keeps the band grooving. At the rhythmic helm is Sneez, the drummer whose beats are as infectious as his name suggests. On the keys, we have Rodney, the master tickling the ivories with finesse, adding layers of melody and harmony. Last but certainly not least, Guy on guitar with his nimble fingers working magic, delivering soulful riffs and captivating solos.

What makes This is YOUR Band truly special is not just their musical expertise but the genuine camaraderie that has blossomed over the years. They're not just a band; they're a musical family that shares not only the stage but also countless laughs, inside jokes, and the occasional friendly debate about who has the best dance moves.

Here's to many more years of musical magic and the unwavering friendship that makes

This is YOUR Band not just a band you listen to but a band you become a part of.

Get in Touch

Rick "Sneez" Senese

(801) 550-8305

Dave Wilbur

(801) 361-0495

Chris Acton

(801) 592-4775

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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